Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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AirPort unable to pick up any networks

Like the subject states, the problem with my laptop is that the AirPort is recognized by the computer. But it is unable to detect any networks. (My brother also has a MacBook Pro and it connects to the wireless network fine)

My problem started after I took my laptop in for repairs on the speakers as it sounded tinny and vibrated easily on high notes. Well during the repair they called me and told me that they also had to repair the display as it was flickering or something like that.

Well after taking it back right after I had gotten it repaired the guy tells me he thinks it has to do with the logic board, so now they have ordered a new one for me so I'm waiting for the store to call me and tell me that the part is in.

My question is do you guys think the logic board is at fault or could it be something else?

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Well they replaced the logic board but they still could not get my AirPort to work, so they have given me a new laptop, and they also put my old hard drive into the new laptop so I don't have to reinstall everything.

I didn't like having to take my laptop in like 4 times to get it repaired but hey in the end I got a new working laptop so I am happy.


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I hope Apple is doing this work under warranty as it sounds like to me they messed up the antenna connections working on the display. I would check all functions of the computer before accepting it from the shop. All this parts changing is being done on their nickle I hope. And yes the antenna connections on the logic board could be bad. Ralph


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I would also take out additional AppleCare to extend my warranty for another two years. I'm not sure I care for your repairman. +

Yes it is still under warranty. The reason I didn't get to check whether my laptop worked at the Apple store was when I turned it on it was on critical battery and shut itself down, I did not want to bother them and ask for a recharger and just wanted to check it at home. But this next time I'm definitely going to check it there before I leave.

I have only had the laptop for about 3 weeks now, that is why I am so *&$%@@, that it has this many problems when I have had it for such a short time.


If the airport worked before the service, then it can be claimed to be their fault. However, there are a couple of things to check.. Do you see any bars in the menu bar airport icon?

If not, do you see grey lines or a white box. The first means that the airport card is being seen, the second means that it's turned off.

You can also look at your system profile report to see if your computer is seeing the airport module. Go to the Apple menu, select "About this Mac", and then "More Information".

You'll see a listing of your computer's resources. Have a look in the network section, and see what the listing says about your airport module..

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The reason I am puzzled by my laptop is that it acts like AirPort is fine, it recognizes it and when I turn it on it acts as if it's looking for wireless networks, the problem is it can't pick up any. I even did a PRam reset, which did nothing.


The most likely thing that has happened is that, in reassembling your computer, the airport antenna has come loose. That connection is fragile at best, and is easily separated from the connector on the logic board.

I urge you to take it back and tell them either to fix it or replace it. It is only 3 weeks old, and I worry that if they have botched the service, they could have messed up other - similar - connectors.

Sorry this has happened. I have a MBP that has taken all kinds of abuse..



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