computer working, but will not charge battery (no green/amber light)

Iv'e got an early MacBook Pro unibody 13" that does not charge. It worked perfectly while it still had some juice in the battery but it's been drained now for a while. I'v tried different chargers that I know are working, but it won't charge and no light!

Now I wonder what the problem could be?

I've seen a couple of people have similar problems on the forum but then their charging light has been constant green or never turning green, I have no light at all!

As I said, the computer should work sine it did work as normal while it still had some charge in the battery.

Does anyone know what part usually need to be replaced? The battery connector, DC-in board or left I/O board?

or do you think somethings just need to be reconnected or anything?

I'm thankful for your help.


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I think the battery would need to be replaced. You could try an SMC resset batteries do get to a state (especially when run flat) where they will no longer take a charge at that point you replace them.

Before attempting anything else I would replace the battery and see if that cures the problem.

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I've got a macbook pro unibody from mid 2010 that I could take the battery from and test. Would that battery fit?

But wouldn't the computer boot and run directly on ac-power (bypassing the battery) if its just a dead battery? and would the charging light on the charger be dark if its "just" the battery?

Some will not boot without a battery (but they don't have to be completely reassembled to test) the parts catalogue says the batteries are compatible. Putting a new one in, and yours in the other machine, should either confirm or eliminate that as the problem.



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