Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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MacBook Pro 13" Retina SSD Upgrade

Hi, I bought a MacBook Pro 13" Retina with 128GB SSD. I want to upgrade my SSD to 256GB but I can't find the parts, can you help me? The model is A1502. Thx !

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Sorry Nur your just a little early here for upgrades for this system. You see Apple changed the SSD from a SATA III (6Gp/s) to a PCIe 2.0 device which currently is not available from 3rd parties and Apple does not offer any upgrade options at this time.

The standards group is in the process of creating a blade standard called M.2. Here's a write up when they started the process PCIe for Mobile Launched; PCIe 3.1, 4.0 Specs Revealed. Nothing is expected to be available until mid '14. That is still assuming the Apple SSD interface complies with the M.2 standard everyone else decides to make. Even still there is enough of a market for someone to create a compliant offering but that will likely take a bit more time.

Again, things are in flux here so hang tight ;-}


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Still no SSD available for that Modell?

Nope, This model has a different interface than the older units. I would watch this company as I hear something is coming out soon: Transcend

Thank you i will do, unless there is an option i couldt use that book :(



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