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Why does my MacBook Pro click?

There is a constant clicking when MacBook Pro is on.

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From where is the click coming from?

Can you please specify which model you have?

Please search existing posts before asking standart questions. Could be a dying harddrive.

That's not a very nice and welcoming comment reMacberlin.


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Three possibilities for a clicking noise. 1. Optical drive (unlikely) 2. Fans (tossup) 3. Hard drive (very likely) If the computer were mine I make sure I had a good backup and replace the drive. Since you didn't say which model you have I am including the repair guide for the Core 2 Duo. I will also include guides for identifying your computer and for possible replacement hard drives. Ralph

MacBook Core 2 Duo Hard Drive Replacement


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Agreed, probable hard drive failure +

Agree with HDD failure +


I have a Macbook Pro that had the exact same problem, well that was not a problem actually.

Does it happen when you lift or move your macbook pro while turned on ? It probably comes from the HDD, it is called the Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS)

When the system detects sudden acceleration (such as when the computer is dropped). It disengages the disk heads from the hard disk platters, preventing data loss and drive damage from a disk head crash. As it must be really fast when it hit the floor for example, it produces the "click" sound.

If you want to make sure that it's the reason why it clicks, hold your mac while powered and shake it a little, if it clicks, that'll be ok.


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If you hear the clicking while using the computer ...

My bf had the same 'problem' until we figured out it was the ticking of the trackpad :))) just turn that off in system preferences


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I've noticed some of the mac laptops' fans make a 'tick tick tick tick 'sound; very very very subtle.


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