XP Media Center system recovery

I performed an XP full recovery on my PC now it freezes up at the XP logo and says please wait....I have waited for 10 hours. Then I tried a Hive Load/unload.....same thing! HELP!!!

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Are you using the HP recovery disk for your computer? If not you may be having driver problems. Did the recovery complete and now it won't boot or did it hang during install. What model computer do you have? With a little more info we can help you better. Ralph

Here is a cnet article on your problem. Ralph



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I have a HP Media center Pc m470n. The recovery completed after installing the 10 dvds Hp sent me when I had to do this 2 years ago. It hangs up @ the windows xp logo and says please wait...i have waited up to 10 hours!

Please look carefully at your install media--what you describe sounds like a corrupted file. Are their any scratches or other problems with your media? Ralph

No, no scratches...I even cleaned them and tried it again...still waiting!

How do I run a system diagnostic? The problem started when my CD & DVD driver disappeared and tried to reload it..one thing led to another...

have you tried running a system diagnostics? why is it you were performing a recovery in the first place?


maybe this could help.

try it and let us know if it worked


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Ah, I see.

FYI there is a fix for the "missing" CD rom drive you encountered.

Was the recovery you ran off of your CD's or off of the recovery partition?

Running a diagnostics would consist of running a hard drive test & memory test for the basic stuff.

I would recommend Hitachi's Drive Fitness Test and also MemTest 86+ for Hard Drive testing & Memory testing. You would need to google these and download the .ISO, burn the image to a disc, and then boot off of the disc's. If you would like assistance with this we can help.



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i tried to clean up my disc and some how deleeted windows completly ,i also download norton protection plan


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