Atari Video Computer System with MOS Technology 6507 CPU running at 1.19 MHz.

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best way to reflow mother board on atari 2600

i have an old atari 2600 ... it wont turn on at all....

i checked power cord and its getting power.....

i looked over mother board and everythings in great condition.... no signs of age.... all capasitors are intact

so im pretty shure the board needs to be reflowed....

any sudgestions on how to do this.....

i have had success with baking in oven on other systems... like ps3 and 360...... just wandering if theres a certain way i should do it considering the systems like 20 years older then anything ive done before

so any tips would help before i take the plunge... and its too late to turn back



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macgyve, I am not sure that reflowing this type of board will yield any results. The components and layout is really not conducive to that. There are no SMD components and all components are easily accessible for proper trouble shooting. I would most certainly spend the time in measuring the caps and resistors and may be try a resolder, but not a reflow.


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