Battery percent stuck, iPhone rebooting often.

Hi. My Iphone 5 16GB has a problem. The battery percent indicator is stuck. I have to reboot the device to get the correct percentage.

The device also reboots very often. When charging it will reboot MANY times. Also when conected to the computer.

This phone was a gift from a friend who bought a new one. I also have an another Iphone 5 that works 100%.

I have tested every part from this Iphone to the defected Iphone and i get the same reaction.

This is the parts i have changed during the testing.

- On\Off, vibrator, volume flex cables

- Charger port

- Battery

- Logic Board ( i was so sure this was the problem, but with the logic board from the working iphone it still rebooted during charging.)

Theese problems may not be the worst, but the rebooting problems is !@#$%^& me off. Battery Percentage would been great to have in working condition.

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