2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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replaced uppercase with keyboard, now touch pad doesn't work completel

I replaced the upper case with the keyboard in it and replaced the original touchpad back in place. The mouse cursor will move, but tapping doesn't work. I used external mouse to get to properties and made sure tap was selected. Also, the lower left corner of the pad will move down into the body of the case when I touch it there. The lower right same but much less. There wasn't really anything I remember to keep it in place properly. I am trying to determine if the touch pad if faulty, installed improperly, or if there is a problem with OS settings. Any body with experience with issue?

EDIT, another symptom is no left mouse clicks work, only right mouse clicks with external mouse.

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You'll need to open the system up again to gain access to the mounting screws for the trackpad. The T6 Torx setscrew needs to be loosened as you bottomed it out. It's adjusts the amount of movement the plate moves to click Review Step 47 here.


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