Mac has new HDD, It won't recognize flash drive to boot.

Hey guys, first time asking a question. I've looked everywhere couldn't find my answer. So I have this mac that I got for real good deal. It obviously hard HDD problems because the owner said the batteries blew up. Everything was really slow with the old HDD. So I replaced the hard drive with 320 gb HDD that has been laying around. I did all the necessary work to make a bootable flash drive because I have another mac.

Then It does recognize the flash, after I click the bootable flash drive it shows this no go sign. Looks like a circle with diagonal cross, and after couple seconds it shuts off. I tried to boot it from DVD but it doesn't show at all. I tried to hit "c" and "option" button. but no help. Please give me a solution. I really want this bad boy to work!

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What does the battery have to do with the hard drive. What's your other Mac?


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Your flash drive has an OS that won't work on this system. It must be X 10.4.8 to MacOS: 10.7.5*

Details: *This system can run the last version of OS X 10.7 "Lion." However, although it has a 64-bit processor, it has a 32-bit EFI and is not capable of booting into 64-bit mode. It does not support "OpenCL" either. Please also note that OS X Lion is not capable of running Mac OS X apps originally written for the PowerPC processor as it does not support the "Rosetta" environment.


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Thank you! I really appreciate your answer. It helps a lot!



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