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Firmware Bypass, after bootcamping

Essentially my problem is this. I bootcamped my mac about a year ago, into a half and half partition of Lion and XP. Now I want to upgrade my XP into 7 however I also want more Space and in order to do that I have to erase the current partition and make a new one, all from the Mac side.

Normally that'd be no problem, only thing is I use my XP exclusively because my father in his infinite wisdom decided to put a firmware password on the Mac side.

He has forgotten the firmware password.

My question is this, will all the boot commands still work for my Mac upon startup, will the "Reset PRAM" fix still work, and do you have any other suggestions.

A bit more information: It appears that when I restart my computer it'll wait approximately 10 seconds for me to enter a Mac command, waiting on the Mac's Grey screen for me to enter the command, and then it'll skip to booting Windows. Holding down control at startup will boot up the firmware password screen.

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If you are the owner of record I would try this. If there is no local Apple store contact Apple Support.

Apple changed the way (place) they store firmware pass words. There is no DIY way to reset this pass word.

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