Repair and disassembly guides for the Apple AirPort Extreme Model A1143.

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NIC ports are blinking green but the station won't start


My AirPort Extreme started restarting itself repeatedly so I disconnected it from the power supply for A few minutes and then plugged it back again.

Since then the unit Ethernet ports are blinking green but the station main front light remain off.

What can I do? How do I make it work again?



Block Image

Block Image

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I have the same issue.... Does anyone know if it could occur when the battery is dead? (I don't see any damaged part or solder on the logic board...)

I have the same problem. The unit is 9 years old, so I already bought a replacement. The problem here occurred after we shut down the power and after restating the power the problem occurred. Maybe this can be a back-up battery problem? Hope to get it working again, so I can use it as a repeater.

I bought an replacement adapter on e-bay and it works again!! I'm using it now to extend my network. Saving €100 for an Airport Express :-) Thanks!!

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I had this problem, the power supply was outputting 12V when measured with a multi meter, but the power light of the airport Extreme was not coming on. The green lights on the ethernet port were flashing though.

I bought a replacement power supply from Amazon, and now it is all back up and running again.


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You'll need to open it up to see what it looks like inside you could have a simple problem or it could be complex to the point of not being worth fixing.


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Done that, it looks ok inside.

Do you look with a magnifier to see if a solder joint looked cold? Also did you see any chips discolored? If you see something take a good hires picture of it for us to see.

I attached to the original question 2 pictures of the AE from both sides.

Tal - I was expecting a more magnified image of any area you had a question on of your logic board (bad chip or solder joint). If you don't see any questionable or bad spots then there is little we can offer here. Apple still repairs these units. Maybe you should visit an Apple Store. Sorry ;-{

Hi Dan,

As far as I can see everything seems to be OK visually, which is why I uploaded these photos - I thought you might see something that I missed... Thanks for the help!


This occurs when power supply is dead. Power supply replacement recommended.


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I have the exact same problem. My power supply is ok as is the internal battery.

I had the same problem, the power supply measured 12v with a multimeter, but a replacement power supply fixed the problem.


My powersupply seems to be ok (at least it still provides a 12V output)

I tried to put a new internal battery

To no avail....

I will have to buy a new airport station (this one is at least 10 years old. Not so bad)


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Ok, here is an update.

My power supply was still providing 12.45V. Weird, huh?

The internal battery was just fine after 10 years as well.

However, after closer examination, I noticed a hiss from the power supply.

So I used a regular transformer I already had (12v - 1.8A), I cut the entire length of the Airport power supply cable, cut the new transformer wire connector and soldered it to the Airport cable I had just cut. Respect the polarities !

Now my AirPort Extreme Base Station works like a charm.

I hope this helps.

I noticed the power supply still worked 'fine' when testing it. So this sounds hopeful. I'm going to give it a try.

Great!!! My powerSupply was still providing 12V but I guess it isn't able to provide enough intensity (1,8A required) anymore as I've just tried to plug another 12V - 2A powerSupply and the AirPort Extreme Base Station just started and works like a charm!!!

Thank you very much for the tip and for everybody confronted with this Ethernet ports blinking LED, just find a new powerSupply

I'm glad I could be of some help. ;-)

I went to an AppleStore to ask where I could buy a new original powersupply.

The genius guy tested my nearly dead, 9 year old powersupply (bought in 2007), confirmed it wasn't delivering the right output, and just gave me a new one for free!

You should give it a try...



This just worked for me (different power cord) on my 10 year old Airport. Thank you so much!!


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