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Repairing liquid damaged keyboard; cleaning shorts?

I've been working on A1342 laptops for about 2 years. In this time, I've acquired approximately 200 top-case assemblies, since this part is so commonly damaged by liquid spills. I know it's extremely difficult to repair these, as it requires prying the keyboard from the case and then tediously separating the layers of the keyboard, alcohol-cleansing the printed circuits and hoping none are damaged beyond repair.

My question is, is there some "method" to repairing these? I've purchased dozens of these from a source who repairs them professionally, and they look BRAND NEW, with no indication of prying or cleaning at all. They won't let me know how they do it, but I could save literally thousands of dollars if I could figure out how to do this.

I was wondering if there was any insight into how this might be done? I'd like to avoid using a heat gun, as it warps the case FAR too easily. I don't want to completely ruin a case that could be repairable.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. My main issue is removing the internal frame from the casing. I have an adhesive that will adequately re-attach the keyboard to the casing, just no good way to remove one from the other without causing obvious pry-damage.

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I'm also intrigued as to how this would be done, it's a question that I've pondered myself!

Man I wish I knew the answer. Its so frustrating when this happens,


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Just like a magician if he told you the secrets of his tricks you wouldn't be amazed anymore! Just kidding ;-}

I suspect they aren't fixing the keyboards but replacing them. As you point out the hard part is cleaning them and putting all of the pieces back together. Instead, they just take the old one out and put a new one on. At least that is how I would do it if I could find the magic source for the keyboards in China that I could order them from.

As to the glue I would use a hair drier Vs a heat gun as you don't want to over heat the plastic. Cleaning the glue off with the correct solvent also helps here.


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