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Split or Fit OS X Leopard onto 2 4.7gb DVDs

I need CD/DVD Burning software to split an ISO or dmg image file so I can burn Leopard onto 2 DVDs because its too big to fit on one and my powerbook wont play DL disks.

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Can you give us the last three digits of your serial number so we can ID which PowerBook you have.

I have the Powerbook A1046 1.25GHz with original Optical drive

1GB Ram and 80GB HDD. My drive wont play DL Disks so it freezes when I boot from the disk. So I need a way to either shrink or split it so i can fit it on a 4.7GB DVD-R

If you have a 2x SuperDrive you can upgrade it with a 8x ComboDrive

The original optical drive for your system is either a DVD-R/CD-RW 2X SuperDrive is capable of writing DVD-R at 2X, reading DVD at 8X, writing CD-R at 16X, writing CD-RW at 4X, and reading CD-ROM at 24X or a DVD/CD-RW 8X ComboDrive is capable of reading DVD at 8X, writing CD-R at 24X, writing CD-RW at 10X, and reading CD-ROM at 24X.

I am upgrading to a 12x drive with duel layer support thanks for your suggestions



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Don't think that will help you here.

To install the OS you need to have a boot disk other than the one you're trying to install the OS onto. So spitting the file and then copying it over to your system won't work.

Do you have access to a second Mac? If you do and it can run The Leopard OS-X disk from it (newer macs may not run the OS) you could then setup your PowerBook in Target Mode via FireWire (treating it as an external disk) so you can install the OS that way.

Depending on your PowerBook you may want to stick with OS-9 as some have limited memory and HD space. OS-X needs a good chunk of RAM and HD space to run.


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Another method you could do is an external FireWire HD which is a bootable with Leopard on it and has the installer files.

Again, you can't split the DVD. Apple also sold a CD version of Leopard.

You could also take your HD out and plug it into a different Mac via a external FireWire or USB case or adaptor so you can install the OS that way.

Well - You taught me something new! ;-} Snow Leopard DVD is dual layer & if you can pull off the language & printer drivers it will fit a single layer DVD.


Great News I finaly loaded leopard onto my powerbook, all i did was shrink the original image to fit on a single layer DVD-R. I deleted the languages and printer drivers. Then I Installed leopard with no problem what so ever. Thanks for your help.


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Since you answered your own question you should mark this one answered your question. If I helped in any way you could up my score.

Just saved my day!! thank you for posting how you fixed this.


I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike was Additional Blogs Which I Have read are really not good.


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Thanks for the compliment! For the whole team here that works hard to help out.


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