iPhone 3G是第二代iPhone。型号A1241,有8或16 GB容量,和炫酷的黑色或洁白的白色塑料背面。修复比第一款iPhone更简单。需要螺丝刀、撬撬工具和吸尘工具。

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PUK IS LOCKED How do you unlock it.

My iphone 3g is locked. My daughter couldn't remember password & after so many tries she locked herself out. The phone is used for playing games & getting on wifi. It has not had service in years. I can't even access itunes because I can't remember that password & I;ve deleted the email I had it set up for. So is there any other way to get it unlocked? I'll try anything at this point but I don't want to go to Apple & pay money. Thanks Doc

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Doc, place it in DFU and restore under iTunes, preferably the same computer that you normally use to sync it. This should eliminate the password issue, but you may lose all the data on the phone, unless you restore on the computer that you normally use. you could also try this. Hope this helps, good luck.


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