The Motorola Atrix 4G is dual-core Android-powered phone by Motorola. Model Number: MB860.

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Time lost when phone Off - RTC battery replacment

When I power off my ATRIX for 1 or 2 day(s), the phone loose its time, it start at 1:00 (wrong date also).

Motorola support told me the RTC battery is a rechargeable battery, not a simple battery.

They won't guarantee, as its unlocked, despite Europan directive 1999/44/EC (shame on them)

Does any one had this problem, dead RTC battery ?

Looking at the teardown pictures, I've seen something looks like there is a battery between the Compass and vibrator. Can someone cofirm the the RTC battery is located here ?

Does anybody know the kind of battery is used ? Type rechargeable or not, reference ? Is that battery easily replaceable, as it look sealed to the phone.

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Your question seems similar to mine. See my notes here: Wifi and BlueTooth Errors / how replace CMOS battery on Motherboard?

Some of the my research links might give you tips on the battery type. I wish the battery would just pop out for replacement.


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Here it is ;-)

Block Image


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Yeh that where I guessed the battery was located; but you're right, a picture is better than a long description ;-)

Do you have more information on that button cell ? Rechargeable or not ? Do you have a Ref of that cell ?

Is it easy to replace i.e. to removed (welded) ?

Yes it is soldered and a bit of a pain. Still trying to find the proper part number

This message states the battery Ref is ML414RU (from FDK or SANYO) 3V lithium rechargable battery.

The speciffication can be found here.

The problem will be to find a reseller, especially in France :-/

Have you tried to contact the sales office for FDK yet? Also just found these on eBay



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