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More reliable DVD burner options?


When I went to go use the DVD burner in my MacBook Pro(which receives little to no use) I ran into a problem with it. I wasn't really shocked since it's not the first time it happened.

What happened is the burner decided to throw read errors and the drive decided to lock up in the burn process. The lockup happened the first time, then it had a read error. Honestly, this drive is showing it's age. I've also had more problems with HL Data Storage drives then I care to admit. I'm changing these more then I want to, because they're garbage, so mine dying isn't shocking. I also don't use it much, which makes it more frustrating, along with previous burning issues. I should note I know how to install it and the potential issues with iDVD too. I can live with it to get rid of this burner.

What slot load DVD burners would work in the laptop to take it's place that are more reliable? I can tell the drive is on the way out. I also know how to install it and can live without iDVD.

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You could try this Panasonic BluRay

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