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4S reboots automatically after shutdown (not while plugged to pc)

Hello everybody!

I have a 4s 32gb with this problem: when I turn it off (holding on-off and sliding on "turn off"), it reboots itself immediately after.

The problem doesn't occur when the iPhone is connected to the pc. Why?

I've already tried to replace the battery, but the problem persists. I've also tried to reinitialize in DFU mode, withouts results. Do you know what it can be? Battery connector, charging connector, on-off button....?




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open you iPhone and test it. unplug the power cable first. turn off device and check. if its still reboots, unplug the dock connector and check again....

have a nice repair

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Replacement


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Sorry iwillfix, what do you mean with "test it"?

I have to:

1 - unplug the cable

2 - turn off the device and check if it reboots again

Those 2 points I've already done.

Then you said to unplug the dock connector and re-check again in the same way?

Sorry for my english, I'm italian =)

so did the device still booted up by itself when the power button cable was disconnected? yes? cable ok.

now do the same thing with the dock connector.

turn off phone, open and disconnect dock connector cable, turn device on and back off again to look if it boots by itself

btw your english pretty good ;-p

Ok, I've disconnected the dock connector: after shutting down the device it doesn't reboot itself.

I only hope that it's a problem on the dock connector and not on the "mobo"...yyyyyap! XP

replace the dock connector and you will be fine :-)

DONE! Thx a lot, iwillfix! ;-)

This is a great website!



My 4S did the same thing. I took it Apple and was told to buy a new phone. Another post on this site suggested cleaning the docking connector with isopropyl alcohol. I carefully did it with a tooth brush and IT FIXED IT!!!



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The toothbrush solution don't work for me.

I open the phone and disconnect the battery connector and wait for a couple of minutes and after connect and turn phone on.

No more sound and reboot problem on my 4s...for now...


i have the same problem, nothing suggested online worked.

my phone worked fine before i upgradet to IOS7.x.x which sugests the problem is a software bug, and not hardware related ( unless the hardware got faulty during the software upgrade, which is dobtfull )

I think apple put this issue on the code on pourpose to force people to buy iphone 5's


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I shut down using the two bottoms at the same time.


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Nuno, same thing happened to me right after the update AND my battery runs low faster than it used to...


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