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My iPod is bricked?

This iPod has been in my drawer for a year or two. Yesterday I pulled it out and connected it to my Mac, just to find out that it is dead. I kept it connected for a hour or so but no signs of life. The screen stayed blank and holding menu+center buttons didn't help. I tried charging with the power adapter instead of hooking it to my Mac, no difference.

Sure, it could be the cable or the iPod connector that's just not letting it charge, I'll try to find another cable, but if it's not then what?

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Atte Nurminen, no it is not bricked. That term is used when a software, or firmware update fails, and leaves your device useless. Your Nano has a definite dead battery. I am convinced that it is at the end of its lifespan and is to discharged to be charged by any means. The iDevice (iPod, iPhone etc) can not charge a completely depleted battery. Replace the battery by following this guide. It is not easy but take your time and study the guide a few times. The battery is available right here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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iPod nano (2nd Gen) Replacement Battery



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