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Why does my laptop shut down after 30sec?


after carrying my laptop around in my backpack without much protection it won't start up anymore.

When I press the power button I can hear it starting, the fan turns on but the screen will stay black. After 30 seconds the laptop shuts down automatically.

Could it be the hard disk? But wouldn't then at least the BIOS appear on the screen?



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Ben, Yes, if it is the hard drive that gives you the problem. Most laptop will not shut down when the hard drive has crashed, but will hang at the boot up screen. It will do that because without a hard drive, there will be no OS. This sounds more like a BIOS issue. Remove the memory modules, the battery and the AC power. Push and hold the power button for about a minute or so. Reassemble the memory (one module only) and the battery. Now try to power up and see what you get.


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Thanks for commenting! I've tried your advise but still have the same problem. Could removing the mainboard battery (if I find it) help?

I found this http://bit.ly/15KRLd2 and apparently there is a BIOS authentication failure ("extremely rare") which is strange because I haven't changed any components and two days ago the laptop worked perfectly... any advice?



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