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Is a 7200rpm HDD in a MacBook loud?

Hi there :)

Does anybody know wether a 7200rpm HDD is loud in a MacBook and wether it uses more power from the battery?

Thanks and best Regards, optikfluffel

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I use one and have installed about 50 Western Digital Scorpio Black 7200 rpm 320GB drives. I have never even noticed any sound. I have my MBP set to spin down the hard drive whenever possible in the energy saver prefs and have noticed no loss of battery power over a 5400 drive.


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I agree with mayer. I have the same 7200 rpm Scorpio HD and did not notice any heat increase or loss of battery power. It will give you a nice speed boost.

The speed boost would out weigh the minor change in the battery and that can be minimized with settings in your system preferences energy manager.


I use WD hard drives, including black editions (scorpio)all the time, al thou I have heard others complain in online reviews about heat or noise, I have never had an issue and the performance is better.

+ This deserves a "nice answer".

I have always done this with the stock 5400RPM drive altough it's not as crucial, but helps thae battery with less effect to a 7200RPM, no need with a SSD


hey, i have an aluminum macbook unibody (A1278). just upgraded from the 320gb hdd from apple to a new 500gb seagate one. did everything according to the ifixit guide here, 500 GB 7200 RPM 2.5" Hard Drive.

i can tell you it is loud as $^^* and i'm a little annoyed. by comparison the 320 was barely noticeable. the new drive takes longer to spin up and spin down, too, so putting it to sleep isn't quite as snappy as it was. PLUS if i hold the laptop at an angle, the hdd whines... the old drive never did this. i can only conclude that 7200 isn't suited to laptops. maybe i should have researched that first. anyway, i'm looking for ways to minimize it and next time, i'll probably go straight to SSD.


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No one mentioned a Seagate drive.


I think Apple has a software that takes care of the noisy Hdd. At least I'm sure they have it for some Desktop models. I don't know for the Mac Book. Give it a try.



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