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iPhone 4S battery connector bypass

so my iphone keeps rebooting after 3/ mins when connected to a wall outlet. Ive replaced the battery and dock connector but now im looking to make a bypass because i believe it is the battery terminal that is faulty. from where to where would i need to solder the wires?

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Unfortunately old turkey... The job failed.

I accidentally ripped off the battery connector off the board and now one of the gold pins is missing from there. So now I'm calling the quits haha. Anyways I hope apple will still accept my iPhone as an out of warranty device for 200$.

Thanks for all your help though man, I don't know what to say :)

Darn, I am sorry about that. You don't think you could fix the solder pad? Sometimes, we all have to cash in our chips and call it quits....I do wish you better luck next time.


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californiaxfresh, see if this is going to help you :)

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thanks old turkey :) what type of wire would you recommend for the job?

I would use a single strand copper of copper wire. Whenever I need to do a similar job, I use the wire from a transformer coil :-)

Looks like somebody did not like my answer. Thanks for the downvote :-(

californiaxfresh, thank you for accepting my answer. Best of luck to you

do we solder the 2nd gold pin to 2 areas? and for gold pin 3, are we soldering to both of the silver pins? thanks turkey!



Lots of great information here, but having solved a number of these cases I'd just like to add:

1.) It is NOT connect the dots---the line represents the underlying continuity that is present in the original. If you have ripped off a pad, all you need to do is build a thin wire jumper to restore continuity from the pin/pad to the right line---not re-create a whole new trace on top of the board.

2.) It is probably not a good idea to have exposed jumpers on the vBatt line unprotected in a phone that you are holding near your face. but that's just an opinion.

3.) The four capacitors are non-essential (from experience). You can get away with knocking them off and not notice any defect.

4.) The two resistors are essential---continuity requires you a path through them. If they are gone, you must make a thin wire jumper to connect their two pads.

5.) The most important thing is continuity. Just test from the battery connector pin to the end of the line and see if you get a beep with your multimeter set on continuity testing. If yes, you're done. If no, you have a mistake.

6.) The battery connector itself should never not have continuity between pin 1 and pin 4--if it does, you have an internal short in the phone and this is the reason you're phone won't boot.

and lastly---

if you get in trouble and need a DIY rescue service, feel free to give me shout via my profile.



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i accidentally broke the battery ribbon, trying to get the connections from the inside of the battery to the connectors, need help finding the right ones in the battery and connectors as well

yo jessa, all 5/6 capacitors are ripped, have any idea what to do?

all capacitors are ripped what can I do now any idea?



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