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Installed inverter cable now boots up with white screen

My macbook had a problem with the backlight. I was only able to see the desktop with a flashlight. I followed the guide on ifixit replacing the inverter cable. I put everything back together, made sure everything was in the right spot and snug, and turned it on. Now I hear the chime when it boots up and it goes to a bright white screen. After 30 seconds or so it shows another white screen with blue vertical bars down the screen. At this point I'm able to use the keyboard sound buttons and screen brightness.

It all worked fine besides the backlight problem before I installed the new cable. Any idea what could have gone wrong?

This is what it looks like after it fully boots up:

I've also replaced the LCD screen with a brand new one before I replaced the inverter cable. I'm positive it wasn't the screen because it had the exact same problem as before..

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I'd guess your video cable on the back of the screen is loose. The good news is that it appears the inverter system is working, i.e. you now have light on the screen. I wouldn't suspect the inverter system (board, inverter, inverter cable) of video defects, so it would seem you now have a problem with the video system (board, video cable, screen). The most obvious thing is that the video cable is not firmly connected. I'd open it up, re-seat the cable, and power it on while still opened up and with the hinge cover off. If that doesn't work, another thought is that you may have crimped the video cable putting the machine back together. I would normally suspect the screen before the video cable in this situation, but you said the new screen behaved exactly as the old one did before you swapped the inverter cable. Still though, if you run out of options, and the video cable is not loose, I'd switch back to the old screen just to re-verify they are still acting 100% identically, even after the inverter swap.


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I tried what you said. I took the screen apart again and made sure the cable on the back of the screen was set properly. Unfortunately it didn't make a difference. I also checked the wires leading to the screen to make sure I didn't crimp or pinch them, they were fine.

What's weird is when I turn it on it chimes, it stays black for a while, turns bright white, then changes into that odd screen in the picture I posted. Another thing that is strange is I have to turn the brightness up when it's done booting up or the screen will stay black. Once I turn the brightness up the screen is pure white and slowly changes into the blue/white vertical bars.

I would connect your machine to an external display to rule out the board as the issue. If you see the same distortion on an external display, your board is likely bad. If you don't, I would replace the video cable (again, assuming both your screens are 100% tested and known good -- did you try the other screen again as I mentioned?) I would reset the PRAM because that resets the default screen brightness, and it should prevent you from having to change the brightness manually. I would also be curious to power on with the inverter cable disconnected to see if the distortion is still visible (it will be dark, so you'll have to look at it with a flashlight), or if it behaves as it did before. I wouldn't expect the inverter system to cause that kind of problem, but it's easy enough to rule out, so I'd give it a try.

I disconnected the inverter cable from the board and tried to boot it up. It doesn't show anything on the screen with a flashlight. I'll try to connect it to another screen later on when I am home. I did try to reset the PRAM a few times, it doesn't so anything, the screen does the same thing.

Also, I reconnected the inverter while it was already booted up it flashed bright white then went black until I pressed the brightness button on the keyboard.

Strange -- you should get a faint image with the inverter disconnected. I'd say you have either a bad screen or a bad board. In my experience that "fading to white" effect is usually caused by a bad screen, which is why I keep mentioning the screen. If both your screens are working and you see the same issue on both of them, I'd say it's probably the board, but I wouldn't declare that 100% until I tried a different video cable, and preferably an entire new screen assembly. External video is also important to try, because it can determine whether it's the board or the video components that are at fault.


The first thing I would go for is a failed hard drive. I know this sounds nuts but give it a try. Disconnect the hard drive and try booting from your original system installation disk, " C key".


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