Switches on and off automatically; power supply?

My Samsung 2333HD LCD Monitor is consistently powering off after only a couple minutes of use. It then switches on and off until unplugged of manually powered off. As far as I can tell it appears to be overheating (although there is no obvious signs of too much heat, like "hot to the touch") or the power supply is just bad. I've tested different power cables and outlets; neither have solved or increased the problem.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting and/or fixes?


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korellitor, unlikely that you would feel it overheat. I would suggest to disassemble the TV and to take a look at the power board. First of all, check for any capacitors that are puffed up or leaking. Make sure that all your cables are properly connected. Next follow the Samsung trouble shooting for no power flowsheet:"

Check the various cable connections first.

- Check to see if there is a burnt or damaged cable.

- Check to see if there is a disconnected cable connection or a connection is too loose.

- Check to see if the cables are connected according to the connection diagram.

Check the power input to the Main Board.

Check the following circuits.

• No raster appears: Function PBA, Main PBA, I/P PBA

• 55V develop but no screen: Main PBA

• 5V does not develop: I/P PBA

Check the voltage in and out between the IP↔ Main Board, between the IP↔ Panel, and between the Main LVDS Boards."

Next you do want to take a look at the transformer on the inverter circuit as well as the caps on that. the other possibility is an overheating MOSFET. Let us know what you find. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Yep bad capacitors in the PSU are common on Samsung monitors and TV's.


I had the same problem but just discovered that the power in the circuit i was using must have had a periodic drop. I connected the set to a UPS and voila-no auto power-downs!


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Also, before resulting to hardware measures, make sure you go through the menus and ensure there is no setting that says auto power off, or timer power off because sometimes in the Samsung's they are known to turn those settings on sometimes without the user actually turning them on. I've seen that issue a lot.


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