iPhone 4 Won't charge while on(works off) - nor found on itunes

Like the description actually.

iPhone 4 that won't charge on, but works charging while it's off, all other components works. It all happend while i changed my home button when it was weared out.

It can't be restored, since I can't find it on itunes, not even getting a USB is injected bubble or something. Can't believe the USB-wire to iPhone broke just at that time nor it charges it while it's off..

Please help me, im getting crazy here.

My theory is that it has to do something with it cant be identified at all while it's on.


Forgot to say i have no changed details in my laptop like version or so, and have tried it in a stationary computer too. Noticed now too, it charges if the the screen is on but black, not when I turn the screen on.

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