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Need LCD inverter for A1297

I need a new LCD power inverter for my A1297 but I can't seem to find one for sale or a part number. Could someone provide me with the part number or where I can purchase it?


Art Green

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所有超过US$100.00或包含 Pro Tech工具包的订单免费送货!



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Your machine doesn't have an inverter. What seems to be your problem? Have you tried hooking up to an external monitor to try to isolate the issue?


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Mayer, bless you for answering! I was getting so frustrated.

So, this is a water damage issue. A small amount of water entered the rear of the unit next to the power port. After taking action, the display was dark but the unit booted. Attached external monitor and it works. I inspected video cable and noticed that there was some discoloration on the connectors. I gently cleaned and reconnected to the logic board. Still no backlight. However, if I shine a bright light through the translucent Apple logo, I can faintly see an image matching that of the external display.

That's as far as I've been able to repair/troubleshoot. I assumed that there would be an inverter for the LCD but, thanks to you, that's not a possible problem.

ANY advice would be appreciated.


Water damage creates such varied problems that it's hard for an individual to repair them. If it were me I'd just hook up a spare LED. To save time and money you might call a local tech and see if they have a test screen.



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