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Why are my speakers making a strange signal burst sound?

I dissasembled a PowerBook G4 accordig to your instructions because the display was bad. I replaced the display. I reassembled the PowerBook, but now I get a strange signal burst-type sound that is very rapid. It comes out of the right speaker. I've moved the laptop (to make sure it wasn't near any devices that would cause the problem). The only way I know to fix it is to unplug the speakers from the motherboard. The weird thing is that it didn't make the sound for hours after I assembled the machine. Now the sound starts as soon as I press the power button, then stops and then starts again after boot up. Any ideas?

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It could be that the right speaker came slightly loose from its connection to the logic board. Check the connection to make sure it is secure. Also, Is the sound that comes out of this speaker ONLY the signal burst or do the regular noises come out, but this signal burst is overlayed on top of it?


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I made sure the connector was securely pressed into the motherboard. The only sound coming out is the signal burst (that's the best way I know how to describe it) and nothing else.


I almost wonder if you speakers are blown, and you're hearing distortion. Do you have another topcase to test with?

This may not be relevant, but I've had machines make a sort of popping sound upon bootup that only happens once, and then the sound works fine until you reboot, and that sound occurs once again. It's almost as if the sound is being "turned on", and you're hearing the speakers pop when that happens. In this situation, usually I have found that the sound is all the way up, and if you turn it down to 80% or so, that popping can go away.

It sounds like your situation may be a bit different, but I thought I'd through that out there.


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u can just change or buy a new one or you can change to default settings


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Hello All,

I have windows operating system, with Windows 7 OS, and my laptop has got a weird situation, which it didn't went before, since last 4 months.

In My case, Speaker are making burst sounds, when I play a song and even the Signature Windows Opening Sound on Boot Up in Windows 7, Like my Laptop has caught a cold, and blowing cough all the way. Lol

Please somenone help,

My email ID is


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