Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in 16, 32, or 64 GB models. Model Number A1458

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iPad 4 Logic board on iPad 3?

When I saw the iPad 3 and 4 I see that they are very similar, my question is if i can use an ipad 4 logic board with A6X SoC in the ipad 3 with the 30-pin dock connector

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While they are similar, the port logic won't support the older interface. Besides, Apple provides an adapter so if it were possible it would be too expensive a task to swap things around.


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What about simply doing a direct logic board swap? since the sizes are so simialr, and the screen and camera connectors are exactly the same? could you essentially upgrade to an ipad 4 by simply getting the new logic board and back casing?


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The Dock connector is different than the new lightning connector logic so you won't have a way to charge or connect the system.


just to make sure :-)

I would like to test a Ipad 4 Logic board, ...... I can put it in my Ipad 3 to test it, just not charge or connect it to my mac? is this correct? :-)


I want to try this because my screen has gone green......... have never worked on Ipads before, but ALOT of Iphones :-)


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Square peg, round hole problem! Review these: Apple iPad 3rd Gen (Wi-Fi Only) & Apple iPad 4th Gen (Wi-Fi Only). For the sake of simplifying I picked the baseline models here. The other factor is if one was a WiFi only and the other was WiFi & cellular. I think you are really pushing it here, so you get 6hrs of run time then what? How about getting the correct parts to start with. ;-}

I am only looking to do this for 5mins sake, to see if my logic board work, they are both WIFI only, if the logic board does work, then i will figure out what parts to get........ I am thinking it might be the battery. But am thinking if I can test the logic board by trying it ín a ipad 3, then i will save some time :-) but am not sure if that was possible :-)


Did you come to a conclusion? I´m also wondering if a simple logicboard swap could work?! I´m thinking about the other way round. I would like to put an iPad 3 logicboard into the iPad 4 casing.

Imho it has nothing to do with the 30 Pin or lightning connector, because the connector is a separated part from the logicboard while it´s just connected with the same "cable" internally. Looking at the pictures of the ipad 3 and 4 teardowns the logicboards are looking quite similar, all connectors on the board are at the same place.

From my point of view it shouldn't be a problem or make a difference if I "connect the logicboard" with a lightning cable or a 30 Pin cable to a PC or Mac. (if you know what I mean)

Maybe I´m just going to test it on my own.

My thoughts exactly hhvh82. I'm actually going to try tonight and see what I come up with. The issue I see is the home button. The iPad 3 home button grounds out on the 2 screws sticking up from the 30 pin connector, the lightning port doesn't have that.



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