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won't turn on and does a beeping soung instead

Hi there, I had some problem with my macbook pro a while back, in which the screen was getting blank/frozen and I had to force quit it, and when i tried to turn it back on, it started beeping and would not turn on...then I would wait some hours and it would finally turn on. It was acting like this for a while and I managed to fix it by repairing the disk in disk utility and it was working fine...

Now, since yesterday, it started again, and i had to force quit it, but this time, it is not turning on at all anymore, and it only does the beeping sound when I try to turn it on...firts it does one beeping at a time, and then I force quit it again and turn it on again and it does a faster beeping sequence.

Can anyone help me?

my mac info is:

Mac OS X

version 10.6.8

2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

4 GB 1067 Mhz DDR3

I never did any work on it, never changed is just like I got it from the shop.


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Can you supply the last four digits of your serial number so we can ID your system.


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3 successive tones, a 5-second pause, 3 successive tones is the RAM integrity error. As Bernd recommended reseat your memory or replace it.

Heres the Apple TN on boot up tones Tone Errors for reference


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Hi Tania,

how many beeps do you hear? Or is it beeping constantly without an interruption? Sometimes this symptom is caused by the memory. Have a look if it is seated propperly.

Good luck


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The power on self test error codes either beep or blink the sleep lite in repeating patterns. LCD freezes and beeping comes out of computer to go to a thread that explains what the different ones mean.


Start up and hold down the on/off button until led will blink rapidly and mac will start up fine.


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i am getting repeated 2 beeps and mac wont start up. I have not changed hard disk or anything in my Mac book pro.

Please help

Ali - For future reference you posted a Question in the place where only Answers belong. Please use the add comment link to the appropriate Answer, Question or create your own original Question. FWIW 2 beeps mean in "old code" it meant incompatible RAM in "new code" it's no longer listed.


What the !&&* is this 100 points or can't vote no. The suggestion did NOT work.


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Larry please explain what didn't work.



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