The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Need to replace a broken aggator or called a baffle

I have purchased a replacement one part 8182233

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Jacque, here is my answer to a similar question "the baffles should be held to the drum via some clips and a screw on the bottom of the baffle. this should work for your washer:"If you have not already finished this repair, here's good news: it's EASY. Go ahead and order those parts. Get the kit with all three baffles -- its likely that the plastic tabs on more than one of them have been damaged, because Whirlpool apparently never installed the retaining screws that hold the baffles in place. It appears to be a common problem.

1) Remove the three screws on the back of the washer for the lid.

2) Remove the lid.

3) A black rubber hose enters the outer drum top and center near the front. Gently remove it from the drum.

4) Through the resulting hole, you can reach the exact spot for inserting the retaining screws for the baffles.

5) One by one, replace the baffles (they drop into place, then need a little force to slide them forward into place) and rotate the inner drum so that the retaining screw hole is visible below the opening in the top of the outer drum.

6) (Without dropping the screws into the space between the drums like I did ), install the screws to retain the baffles.

7) Repeat for the other two.

8) Replace the hose and the lid and its screws and rest assured that you did something that even the Whirlpool assemblers didn't do: install the baffle retaining screws.

Plenty more information on here. Also, check on here." Hope this helps, good luck


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