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Why fresh oil from the exhaust pipe

didn't start it for 10 years, was just moving it then saw fresh oil (a puddle) came out of the exhaust pipe.

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Did the oil come out with the engine off, or did you try to start it?

put fresh oilmay be 200ml and started it, it started but the oil was spraying through the exhaust pipe and in 1 minute it ran out of oil

Sounds like your piston rings have gone, time to rebuild the engine.


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francis, definitely time to disassemble your engine and to take a closer look. That is a vast amount of oil at one time. Check for a stuck reed valve, as well as the oil pump and the oil pump gear. With that amount of oil entering your combustion chamber, I can not see the engine run very efficient, or at all. 200ml of oil in a minute should not even ignite from the spark plug. I would suspect that you would have a large amount of blue smoke exiting from your exhaust. If your piston rings or piston are damaged to the point of leaking that much oil, your engine should also have very poor compression and have difficulty starting. Check the compression on your engine and see what you get. Let us know.


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