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Original post by: Jeff Werner ,


I just had this problem, and then solved it. I wanted to post here because I haven't seen this solution before. I know this post is old, but if I had found this method described when I googled this problem it would have saved me a lot of time, anxiety, and a half a roll of film.

My SRT SC-II was wound and jammed: the shutter button wouldn't depress. After an hour of fussing with the advance rollers, the mirror, etc, I discovered an elegant solution: I turned it upside down, kept pressure on the shutter button, and tapped the top of the camera (upside down) into the palm of my hand. Clack! It freed up. Since then, I've had an SRT-201 and an SRT-SC-II lock up on multiple occasions like this, and turning it upside down and tapping the top on my wrist *always* freed it up. Of course, there are lots of other causes for lockups that this will not fix, but it's worth a try! You don’t even have to take the film out. You just lose one frame, I guess. I don't know if tapping it upside down physically nudges the actual shutter release mechanism or if it nudges the mirror or what. But, all of my problems with SRT cameras have revealed that the mechanical bits are definitely sensitive to gravity and the orientation with which you’re holding the camera.