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Original post by: abramski123 ,


Long screws WON'T go back in! HELP ME!


I have a really weird, stupid problem, its not my first time a do a repair on apple laptops, i just never had this stupid problem before, i did change a dead hard drive, its not my laptop, its from a friend, so he trusted me his beloved PB G4 to change the hard drive and reinstall all of its software, i did open the device, i did change the hard drive succesfully, but now, when i did reassemble the unit, EVERY single screw did get back in without ANY problems, accept for this long screws, 3 of em just won't get in, they get in a lil bit, and then the screw just jams, it gets stuck, and then i have number four, and she will get in any hole without any problems, and i did check the screws under a magnifying glass, and they are NOT broken, the screw just looks EXACTLY the same as the one that goes into every hole! I just can't understand why this 1 screw fits in all the 4 holes and the other 3 wont go in either 1 of them, this problem drives my crazy, and i can't just leave them out coz its not my laptop . . . HELP ME PLEASE


PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.67 GHz