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I also have a mid 2011 that shipped with ONLY SSD, no spinning drive. The SSD is plugged in to the SATA2 port (not SATA0 where the spinning HD would normally be), and is mounted on a bracket behind the DVD drive, NOT in the center of the system where the spinning drive would go.

SATA0 has a different power connector than the SATA1 and SATA2 ports. The cable included in this kit is for the SATA2 port, NOT for the SATA0 port. SATA0 on mine has a normal SATA data connection, and the power is a 2x5 ribbon cable pin block (like an USB header, but slightly different), it currently has a jumper across two of the pins (I am assuming to tell the HW that it does not need to monitor the HD temp.. but that is just a guess)

I was going to add a second 256GB SSD, but because of the different power on the third SATA port, I had to unplug my DVD to plug in the SSD. I'm going to try using a SATA power splitter to get power to the third device, but that will require cutting the provided cable as the "apple" side of the cable is different than anything I have lying around, and the "device" side of the cable is joined together.

I went through the guide a few times before cracking my imac open, I was surprised with what I found, I didn't have any reason to expect that the config of my imac would make the kit not work, but that is in fact what happened, and I strongly suspect that is what the other people above are talking about.